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1.       The graph model of the FRP Molded Gratings Machine

1: Frame

2: Copper Pipe

3: Main Panel

4: Water Collectormanifold

5: Demold Moving Parts

6: Bottom Panel

7: Pedestal

8: Support Tube

9: I Beam


11:Pressure regulating valve



1.       The working Process

The oil pipe of the model (NO.12) will be connecting with the Cooper Pipe(NO.2). The plunger pump(N0.8) will work from the power of electromotor(NO.6), with injecting the hydraulic oil into the machine to make the route part to go up. After that, the plunger pump would suck the oil in order to made the route part to go down. Then the gratings would be push out.


2.       The basic description of every parts of the machine

l  Demould Moving Parts

This is the moving parts of the whole machine. It use two oil cylinder to pushing parallel, with running smoothly. The thimble in the demold moving parts is fixed in the reduced I-Beam, in order to parallel and stable during this process.

l  Module

The modules are made by NO.45 Steel. They're processed by machine shaping, grinding, buffing and electroplating, with the performance of antiseptic and smooth. It's easy to mold release. The modules are fixed by th screw in the bottom, which are easy to adjust and change.

l  Lift Pin

The lift pin is made by the quench and abrasive planning steel, with the smooth surface and hard-wearing. The moving parts could bring the lift pin up and down. It's easy to change and maintain.

l  Temperature Rise Part

This part is made by cooper pipe, with big contact area of the machine, and fast speed of the temperature changed. The reasonable arrangement of the cooper pipe could made the machine to exchange heat all around. The water collectormanifold is connecting with cooper pipe and easy to dismounting.



1.       Notice

l  After getting the machine, the workers should clean up the mould before using. Clean up the dust during the module. Then paint the mold release. For the first time, please paint the mold release a little more.

l  Using the resin with better quality

l  Make sure the gratings are totally solidify when lift the mold. If the resistance is too big during this process, please spray a little cinnamene

l  The resistance will increase when lift the mod, with the aging of mold usage. If it turns a little difficult when lifting, you can use hammer to beat the I beam.

l  The hydraulic part of the machine has four valve, in the usage of two hydraulic part go ahead and back. If the resistance is a little bigger when lifting the module , and the running speed is not same for the two hydraulic parts, you can adjust the valve to control the pressure of the two hydraulic parts. Please pay attention that the pressure could not be exceed 12KG in the oil pressure gauge.

l  Please notice the moving parts when lifting the mold. If there are three corners already be lifted, but there still one corner be there, you should adjust the machine to back up and rese, then beat the I beam with hammer, and move on.



1.       The graph model of the FRP Molded Gratings Machine

1:Electrovalve (control the Oil circuit system pressure)  

2:Oil pipe connector( connecting the machine)

3:Pressure gage (display the pressure supplied by hydraulic pressure station)

4:Pressure control valve(adjust the pressure that's supplied by the hydraulic

5:The load and unload valve of the pressure control valve( In order to change the pressure gage

6:Electromotor(Provide the power)

7:The direction label of the plunger pump.( indicate the right moving direction)

8:Plunger pump (extract, recycle the hydraulic oil)

9:Plunger pump oil pipe ( hydraulic oil enterclose)

10:Switch (Open and close the hydraulic pressure station)

11:Hydraulic tank oil filler ( Fill the hydraulic oil )


1.       The working process of Hydraulic pressure station

The Oil pipe connector (NO.2) is connecting with the oil pipe in the grating machine. There are totally three pair oil connector. One pair is in the opposite side. You can choose any pair of this three. After Power-on, the electromotor i and the plunger pump are all working.

2.       The main parameter of the hydraulic pressure staion

Name of Electromotor: three-phase asynchronous motor

Motor power:4KW

Motor voltage:380V

Rotate speed: 1435r/min

The model of hydraulic oil: NO.46 antiwear hydraulic oil

3.       Notice:

l  Open the Hydraulic tank oil filler (NO.11), add the hydraulic oil to 50-60 on the oil level gage.

l  Open plunger pump oil pipe(NO.9), add the hydraulic oil into plunger pump. In order to

fill up the oil into plunger pump, tightening the connector after the oil overflow.

l  The veer of the impeller on the edgewise of the electromotor should be same with the direction of the plunger pump. ( to the "Exit")

l  Connecting according to the above installing method. When working, the pressure gage (NO.3) should not exceed 10Mpa. If it exceed 10Mpa, you should inspect if there are some problem of the machine.

l  Adjust the pressure through tightening or unscrew the pressure control valve (NO.4). When arriving the pressure, lock the screw.

l  How to change the pressure gage? ---- Tighten the handle in the assemble and unassemble valve(NO.5), discharge the old one, and replace the new one.


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